Got a new job but getting out of lease is going to cost me more than I can afford

I (23 Colorado) recently got a new job in a different state I have to move across the country and tried negotiating relocation money to no avail from my new employer. It’s going to cost me 1600 dollars to move all my things, plus a security deposit and a 1100 rent for my new apartment. I can currently pay for all that between my savings, bonds and last couple of paychecks from my current job. The problem lies in that my landlord will not budge on my breaking my lease, I will owe two months rent plus however long it takes him to rent the apartment out to someone new, I cannot sublet as I need his approval to do so and he has already said no. I have no clue what to do, I have no legal way out of my lease and 3500 dollars in CC debt that I don’t have a high enough limit to cover these expenses. My parents have less money than I do and will help with what they can but they cannot afford to help that much. I have no clue where to go from here and need advice.

Edit: my new job pays me about 10k more than I was making working 2 pt jobs and freelancing, it’s still only like 42k a year however

Edit 2: my lease is up in November