Student tax question: Form 8615 and parent’s tax return

I am a full time student and thankfully I got scholarships and grants that gave me more money than what I needed for tuition and books. I put in the extra money that I got plus the money I got from my last job into FreeTaxUSA, but now I am getting a lot of warnings and I can’t submit my taxes.

FreeTaxUSA says I need to fill in Form 8615 and I need to put in information about my parent’s tax return. I can do Form 8615 just fine I guess, but thing is, my parent has not filed taxes since I was at least a teenager because she didn’t make enough to file. FreeTaxUSA isn’t letting me say that she didn’t file taxes.

What should I do? I didn’t need this information before when I was filing my taxes for the last two years so I’m completely lost. My parent filing her taxes isn’t an option either and I don’t have another parent that I can use their tax information for.