Priorities Regarding Student Loan Forgiveness

So I (31M) am freaking out a little about the student loan pause coming to an end and have been struggling to find a side hustle or alternative source of income on top of my day job. Some background info:

Monthly net income: ~$4,865 (Field Engineer)
Monthly expenses:
Food: $400
Mortgage: $505
Car insurance: $67
Internet: $80
Cell phone: $30
Gym membership: $25
Future student loan payment: $250 but balloons every two years.

Savings: $2500 (currently saving for an emergency fund of $5,000)
401k: ~$10,000

Debt balances:
Mortgage: ~$66,000
Student loan: ~$38,000

I have just been appointed as a notary, and am looking into doing primarily RON, as my day job has me traveling all over western PA on a weekly basis and I feel that the flexibility that RON offers would be a good choice to accommodate my day job.

Ultimately I would like to get into RE investing, my plan to buy my first rental would be to buy a multi-family FHA and “house hack” the units I’m not occupying. It seems like most triplexes/quadruplexes in my service area would still cash flow positive even with a 3.5% down payment and me living in one of the units. I would also hold onto my current home as my grandmother lives in it, and she would be paying the mortgage with the intent to rent/sell it in the future.

My question is if I should take the money that I plan to save in the final months of this student loan payment pause (minus saving for the emergency fund) and buy a MFH to house hack? I feel like the income from doing the RON as well as the rent I would be collecting would really help me payoff my student loans over the 12 months I would be required to occupy the MFH under FHA financing.