Robo-managed brokerage account sucks

Hi all, first post here. I appreciate any advice and this place as a resource for all!

I have a money market, brokerage account with Schwab that is robo-managed. I just pump cash into it and they diversify the cash into investments based on a risk tolerance (at least that is how I understand the account).

Since inception until now, my net investment is $200 more than the account value. So, in other words, in 3 years time and a sizable amount of cash pumped into this account, I ave essentially lost $200. Needless to say this is highly discouraging. I currently also have a high yield savings account earning over 4% on liquid cash. I am considering liquidating my brokerage account and putting all the money into a high yield savings account. 4% interest is much better than 3 years of essentially zero growth.

Am I missing something? I don’t understand the appeal of this money market account, diversified in stocks and bonds, that is currently returning close to 0% interest over a 3 year period (inception of account).


Any advice greatly appreciated.