Seeking housing advice

Hey everyone. I am a 25 year old single guy and lately my future housing situation has been on my mind a lot. I just got a new job that I love making 52k/year salaried, after taxes and benefit deductions I am netting 3050/month. I live in Boise, Idaho. I grew up here, all of my family and friends are here and I love living here, I want to live here long-term. I am currently very lucky to be renting a house with a roommate and paying 450/month in rent. I am going to live in this house for as long as possible. If you aren’t familiar with the housing and rent market here, it has skyrocketed. A manufactured home is the cheapest thing I’ve seen on the market and they are at 250k. I could get an okay apartment for probably 1300-1800/month. I have a monthly budget, and am saving as much as possible. I have 10k in student loans and about 4k left on my car which I am paying down aggressively. Besides that I am just trying to save as much money as possible.

I am seeking any and all financial advice, what I could be doing differently, etc. and maybe a discussion on if house and rental prices are going to continue coming down, as they are trickling down right now. Sorry for the long post and thank you everyone, I am feeling a bit lost as I just want to secure housing for myself for the future.