Is a property management company a good idea for me?

Hi all,

I have a financed house where no one lives but for various reasons (including a low interest rate), I would like to keep it and rent it out. It seems the house could rent for about $2.5k monthly.

The thing is, I know nothing about how to be a landlord or fix things, etc. I also work full time and take classes at night, so I’m really not super interested in being a landlord (although I do live fairly close to the property, and I have not completely rejected the idea of taking on that role).

I was wondering if a property management company would make sense for me. Most of the companies I’ve looked at charge first month’s rent to find someone to rent, and then about $100 monthly after that.

I’m wondering whether people have found property management companies worth it or not for just a single house. I’ve also heard that several tax benefits are lost by using a rental company, although I’m not really sure I understood the specifics on that.

I’d appreciate any insights or advice!