home buying options?

My wife and I are looking for a home in Florida. I have never owned a home. On the other hand, we live in a current home that is in her name, I believe that disqualifies us for first-time home buyer. We are looking to maybe take out a HELOC of 40k-50k to do some updates before putting it on the market and maybe pay off credit card debt ~$12,000 to save on CC interest rates vs. HELOC interest rates. As of right now, we haven’t saved anything for a down payment. We are also adding 5 acres of land to help increase the value of the property to around $290k (don’tknow much about the price of land). I currently make around $68k- $80k ( on a year with plenty of overtime) a year with another ~27k tax-exempt income. My wife makes roughly 20k. My DTI ratio is around 13-15%. I want to keep in the budget of around a max of 419k.
Are there any options for low or no down payment assistance for me?
We will use the money for the selling of our home to pay off the HELOC and buying a house.
What is the best way to utilize the money?
Is it redundant to see if I can pay 230k cash and finance the rest to keep monthly payments somewhat reasonable?
Forgive me, like I said I have never owned a house and this is all new to me. Wife built the current house in 2000 with ex husband.