Kinda lost but I’d like to invest my money.

Investing my money has always stressed me out so I just let it pile in my account. I currently have 80k that I’d like to invest so that I’m not losing it to inflation. I just started my retirement account with my work with a 15% contribution. Should I just dump the rest of the 80k into that? Can I do that? Would it be better to have a separate non retirement investment account?

I like how fidelity (my current retirement account through my work) has the option to have the advisor take over all the management off the account and to diversify the investments. Is there a similar type of account like that for non retirement investments? I saw chase had something similar but it seemed more involved since they wanted to do phone calls / video calls to start and or manage the account. Is there something more hands off for me but still not losing money to inflation?