What should I do with my pension plan from my last employer?

Any help would be appreciated!

I left my prior employer last summer and they just sent me a summary of my pension fund options and I’m completely unsure of which one I should choose. I have the following options:

* Take a lump sum today: $13,547.35 (I believe I have to put this in an IRA so it’s not taxed)
* Take a lump sum at 62 (12/1/2056): $47,848
* Start benefits in March of this year (3/1/2023): $56.26/ month
* Start benefits at 62 (12/1/2056): $282.88 / month
* Start Benefits at 65 (12/1/2059); $338.47 / month

I worked for a public accounting firm, so it’s a private business and not a government employer if that matters.