Needing some advice about switching brokerages + opening a Roth IRA

hey all, long term finance subreddit lurker here and a few years into learning about PF and FI. I decided it was time to get some feedback on what I’m doing. To summarize, I currently have a managed investment account with Ally Invest which is almost all held in ETFs. I have been reading up on finance and investing more lately, and thinking it could be time to both move to a more respected brokerage like Fidelity and to also open a Roth IRA. I’d be so grateful for your opinions.


* Age: 27
* Ally Investment holdings: 12K

These are my main concerns: up until now, I’ve honestly avoided retirement savings because of emotionally wanting the option of cashing my investments sooner. But lately, I’ve been thinking I really should be opening a Roth IRA after reading IWTYTBR and other popular books. What would you all suggest doing? Open a Roth and focus my automated investment savings there, and let my other market investments be until I hit the yearly limit? Or save in both equally, or something else?

That leads to my other question about brokerages. I’m not sure the Ally Invest managed account and the ETFs are really the best option for me, now I’ve learned a bit more. It seems better to not pay extra management fees at all and just be a big kid and choose a few of my own index funds to invest in instead, rather than relying on an active management or robo-invest system. Between Vanguard, Fidelity, and others, Fidelity seems like the one I like the most right now (good app, very high reviews everywhere, etc).

What would you all do? I’m leaning towards transferring the ETFs in my managed Ally account to Fidelity, trading them there for reliable seeming index funds, and opening my Roth IRA there as well and then deciding how to allocate my monthly savings. But there may be a better or more sensible approach.

Thanks so much for reading! All feedback and suggestions would be hugely helpful and appreciated.