Can I open a business CC at the same time as a personal one?

I had recently been reading into the best way to utilize credit card points with Chase and have realized that getting the Chase Freedom Unlimited card for myself along with the Chase Ink Freedom card for the small business that I own is the best way to go. A few weeks ago, I applied for the CFU card and my application was accepted. Today I was looking into applying for other business CC but I got into some reading that said not to apply for 2 Chase credit cards within 6 months of each other because chances of getting your application accepted are slim to none.

So my question is does that rule only apply when applying for 2 individual cards or is it different when applying for a business CC?

I am the sole owner of my company and figured they will do a hard pull on my personal account to determine eligibility. Is it worth the risk applying or better to hold off for 6 months?