18 year old renting, is it possible?

I have a somewhat complicated situation with regards to work but I’ve been looking at apartments near my work.

There’s a lot available, but the problem is that 1: I don’t have very many references because I finished school doing cyber & am introverted, 2: I don’t have any credit history, and 3: I’m currently just a relief position. I currently make at least 3x than I would spend on rent, because my relief position pays very, very well, but I just started it in October.

This will be a long-term job and I will get full time as soon as it’s available, but I cannot get full time yet since I live so far away.

Would any landlords understand this? I can pay for 4 months rent + security deposit, but I’m not sure if they would take me still. Is there any advice for getting an apartment without having much history? I am not looking at corporate stuff. I live in Ohio, if that’s any help. Thanks!