Do we spend some savings? Increase down payment or travel?

My (37f) and husband (37m) have about 60k in our “big/future ideas” savings account. Our goal for this account is for a down payment for a house. We currently rent. We have decided to renew our lease for 2 years due to crazy housing prices and our rent is super low for our area and we love the house. We both agree to keep putting money into the account (about 10k a year). The average housing price for our school district is about 600k.

Question: One of us wants to spend about 20k this year to go on two epic big family vacations (with our 10 year old daughter). The other person wants to keep to our 3k a year vacation budget and do our 1 traditional family vacation and not take away from this account.

What should we do?

Edit: What is the “responsible” amount to spend on family vacations right now?