How do I negotiate with Bank of America

I was an immigrant moved to this country in 2014. Did 3 Masters, got paid well used to earn 120k per year until 2021 when pandemic stuck ..and before that in 2020 I lost my savings during an crypto hack . Until now I had no need of taking a debt or negotiation. I paid out college fee for all my 3 Masters. I had credit debts with 3 banks 1. Amex 2. Dcu 3. Bofa 4. Paypal credit .. Expect BOFA I will be able to pay of them. In 2022 this fker Celcius filed for bankrucpy all my savings are stuck and gone . In 2021 I left USA due to health problems after corona. My salary in my birth country doesnt match with the salaries in USA and i was stuck here due to an huge waiting time of 1 to 2 years with immigration there are no slots for inteviews to even enter United states .I was stuck with 13 thousand dollars of bofa credit card amount which I can pay it easily if I can enter USA. Now for 1 and half year im paying the promotional amount of 0 percent and paying the min fee now my savings are gone in celcius bankrucpy what should I do .I have some crypto assets which I can liquidate but it will just cover only 3 thousand dollars at this time.. How do I negotiate with BOFA. I Don t want them too take me too collections as it will effect my immigration in the future.. Can I do debt settlement 1 time with bofa? I can ask my cousins some cash and can drag up to 6 thousand dollars and close the settlement asap.