I’m looking for a little life / investment wellness check or update :)

401k wellness check

I’m sure this has been asked before but I recently did a check on how my overall finances are doing.

I’ve googled and researched but I was wondering other opinions on my 401k investments through fidelity.

They are as follows:

Dryden s&p 500 index fund (is platform) lathe cap blend .86% expense

Guaranteed income fund- stable value

Large cap growth II fund- managed by alliance Bernstein- 1.262% expense

Lifetime balanced fund- allocation 50-70% equity .965% expense

My company contributes 7% which goes 70% to the Dryden and 10% each other fund
I contribute 16% to everything but the Dryden, I’ll be increasing to 18% in the new year.

Overall in the past two years I’m down -5% according to empower/fidelity

I have no credit debt- a large personal loan I just received this week ~50k but half will be paid upfront next week

180k mortgage on my house which I pay $300 extra a month. $2000k total a month

15k in high risk investment- crypto (I know I know) I assume this money is gone during budgeting

This year I’ll open a Roth IRA, move 6months of emergency money to a savings account and pay down my personal loan as much as I can.

Total income: 110k
Home value: 400k
Truck: 50k

Thanks for your thoughts and comments, much appreciated.