Need advice on strategy and finance. “How to get out of here?”

First of all, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I wish you financial success. I want you to be strong.

Here goes!

Important clarifications:

1. I’m from Russia.
2. I read and took note of everything that was on this topic. But still I want you to look and advise me. When there are several points of view. There are interesting ways to solve problems.
3. My bank account now has ~ $300.

I will describe what I did and do at the moment. So that you have an understanding of the situation.

I have been saving money since 2008. For my purposes. I wanted to go to study in Japan. Passed the JLPT (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test). In 2014, I almost raised the necessary amount. But then the ruble collapsed. ( Crimea ).

I took this into account later. I began to buy dollars and save them on a paypal account. In 2022, I wanted to finish my job as an animation teacher. And go to Japan. But… Hell has begun. I lost money on stocks, I lost money on paypal. He does not work in Russia.

I was completely broken. But thanks to my students. Looking at them, I came out of depression.

I currently work three jobs:

1. Teaching children animation and comics (200 $/m)
2. I work for a TV company as a video editor (100$/m)
3. In the morning I work as a janitor (50 $/m)

With the help of friends in Ukraine and Moldova, I open a new store with prints. Before all this hell, he brought me 15-300 $/m. I hope to get at least half of it.

Monetization on YouTube has been disabled. Before that, it brought 30-150 $/m.

Students from abroad cannot study with me now. Before all this, 200-500 $/m.

The roadmap looks something like this:

1. Restore what I can.
2. Move to a visa-free country.
3. Try to access my paypal.
4. Moving to Japan.

Can anyone suggest something? Sorry for the confusion.