Need help understanding how to file my taxes

I have just recently started at a new job as a “luxury cheuffer” and I have never had to deal with taxes of any kind. I use a company car and the company gets a percentage of what I make each trip and I get 100% of the tip and baggage help if the customer pays for it. I will be filing as an llc but I dont fully understand what this means and how it helps me. Also I would like to know what expenses I could track and have deducted. I know a basic one like milage, but this doesn’t seem applicable because it isn’t my vehicle. Also the company cars run on propane that we fill at a tank specifically at the business. Are there any other things I could have deducted like my suite or food? Also i live in michigan so how much should I put aside to keep me covered? I just want to get as much out of it as I can and not get in trouble.

I would really appreciate any help and feedback as I am very anxious trying to figure this all out.