Paying for creation and death services for estranged MIL

My wife (40) hadn’t been talking to her mother (66) for years and we found out she recently passed. We are in CA and her mother is in Hawaii and due to the fact that the mother was estranged from all of her children, we’re not sure who should be paying the $2,300 for cremation services? Her husband is alive, but has dementia and the facility he lives in has asked that his is not told his wife passed.

I don’t mind having to pay, but I’m not thrilled and it seems like it would be more appropriate for the funds to come out of her husbands estate? Are their any programs that would help cover the cost in HI? They were on other public programs (welfare).

My wife has another biological brother, another half brother, and a couple of step siblings, but I don’t see any of them wanting to pay for it.

Looking for some ideas or guidance.