Need advice on my auto troubles.


I hit a rock the other day in my 05 trailblazer, it needs a new radiator support, skid plate, lower baffle, radiator assembly, AC condenser, and power steering cooling assembly, minimum. I paid 6,000 usd for it 5 years ago. The trailblazer has 165,000 miles on it, and as far as I know the original transmission and engine. The total cost of Repairs is estimated (minimum) 3,700 USD. The estimate was given to me at a glance, there may be more that needs replacing.

I have started looking at a new car as an option. A 22 Toyota Rav4 XLE with AWD. The MSRP for the specific car I’m looking at is 32,684 USD. I’ve never bought a car from a dealership before and am unsure what hidden fees may exist. California Sales Tax is 7.25% what else do I need to look for if I’m buying it outright? And if I choose to finance?


I hit a rock in my car that I paid 6000 USD and put maybe 3000 into since I owned it.

Should I get it repaired for 4,000-6,000?

Buy a new car outright for 33,000 USD?

Put 15,000 down and finance the rest to aggressively pay off?

My partner and I both make 17.00 an hour and have a fixed rate mortgage for 850 a month. Electric is 70, propane is around 150 ( varies because we don’t get shipments each month), water is 60 a month. Food is 400 a month.