Complicated employment history—unsure how to go about applying for unemployment benefits or if I’m eligible.

I’m going to try to be vague for anonymity’s sake.

When I was employed, I was working for two different organizations but had the same supervisors. I got paid part-time from both sides (basically half and half). I was fired for off-duty behavior at the beginning of November—nothing criminal, just general stupidity that I’m kicking myself over. I was brought in and was told that they had decided to terminate my position.

They gave me one month of severance pay (which hit my bank account at the end of November). This wasn’t “severance,” per se—I didn’t sign any severance agreement—they just told me they’d give me one extra month of pay despite being terminated. They also told me that I could submit a resignation letter so I could avoid telling possible future employers that I was fired. Perhaps naively, I did so. However, the resignation letter only applied to one of the two positions. It’s hard to explain, but the organizations can’t overlap with each other, and one of my supervisors said to only send a letter to the one organization. So technically, I was fired from the other position as there was no information about that position in the letter.

I’m only assuming that since I have the one extra month of pay in my bank account, I’m no longer connected with the organization/my supervisors and can apply for unemployment benefits. But I’m young, this was my first career step out of college, and I’m unsure on what to do—especially sine there are so many weird moving parts with this situation, I don’t know how to describe any of this when filing for unemployment (I don’t even understand if I’m eligible or not).

Super complicated, but I hope someone on here can give me clarity. Thank you in advance.