Just got a college job offer & I’m looking to determine my budget

Hi everyone,

I’m in college and just got an offer for a full-time job out of college and I’m looking to learn how to budget/understand what I can afford to spend and what I can save. If anyone can provide any help I’d be extremely appreciative.

My offer is $31 per hour full-time with a $5,000 sign-on bonus. My company matches up to 50% of the first 6% of contributions & will provide housing for the first month after relocation. I’m aiming to have $0 in debt by the time of the move as well.

Should I be contributing to my Roth first or 401k? Should I wait on contributing significantly until my raise?

My primary points of stress for this first year is just learning to live within my means and keep myself in a comfortable position. If there is any other information that I can provide that’d be helpful, please let me know.