How to ask for more PTO for a job offer

Current position is $77k a year, 30 PTO days, $200/mo insurance premium with $7k out of pocket max for me and my child.

New job would be $85k, 17 days PTO, $0 premium but $8k out of pocket max.

Wondering how best to phrase it and if asking for 5 more days plus $90k seems like a fair counteroffer?

I would honestly likely accept the job with just a week more vacation even if they don’t go for $90k, as it’s a significantly shorter commute and a much better position for my career aspirations. It’s really the PTO that’s holding me back.

Edit: thanks everyone, I’ve decided to simply let them know my current PTO situation and ask if there is any wiggle room on that front. I will see what they respond, but thinking about the time saved from the commute and increase in salary I am very heavily leaning towards taking this job.