Cancel credit card I don’t really use anymore and apply for another for the benefits?

Background: the credit card I want to cancel is a basic one (it used to be a college student CC but the bank changed it semi-recently as I graduated over a year ago now). I opened it as my first CC but don’t really use it and it doesn’t have a big limit or any good perks. I’ve had it for about four years now. It’s through Wells Fargo if that helps (WF is terrible, I know). I currently have another CC I like for the perks too. However, I’d like to apply for another CC for the rewards. Additionally, I don’t owe anything on the WF CC or my other one, and don’t rack up debt on my CCs as I just use them to pay to get rewards/points and immediately pay them off. Lastly, my credit score is around 750 and I’m 24 with no missed CC payments ever. Thanks for any help in advance!