Wanting to get my deposit back at the end of the month

Hey everyone, so today I gotten approved for an apartment that is significantly closer to both of my jobs, I currently live 2 towns over due to a failed relationship and my uncle’s landlord gifted me the apartment out of kindness. However, I recently started a tattooing job and transferred back to a store so my commute wouldn’t be so long from one job to the next. However, getting back home is costing me roughly $80 (to and from) a day just to get to work and go home.
Currently, I applied for an apartment and gotten approved for it, however I am just under the security and rent payment by $100. I figure to sit my current landlord down and talk with her about my decision to move out and move over to my new apartment at the end of the month. Thing is, I am unsure if I would be getting my deposit by November 1st.

Would you suggest I push the date to move in a week? (I get paid the following week of November 1st) or ask for the deposit back first, pay off my rent, then move out?

Any advice would be appreciated