Is this a scenario where a HDHP does not make sense?

My husband is a state employee. His open enrollment period is coming up, so I am looking at his insurance options.

I have my own plan through my employer.

He is currently on their low tier 75/25 plan for $76/month. $2500 deductible/$6000 OOP max.

He has the option to switch to a HDHP for $62/month. Deductible is $3500/OOP Max $6500.

He is a healthy guy that never (literally 🙃 that’s a separate issue) goes to the doctor. We are trying to have a baby, who would go under his insurance plan.

I’m wondering if the switch should be made. I love the triple advantage of an HSA.

His employer does not contribute to his HSA at all.

When we have a kid we would probably change tiers to an 80/20 plan.