Nixing full coverage health insurance when medical tourism is an option?

Curious to hear thoughts on this. My employers medium tier health plan is $250 a month for my part of the premium. Primary/specialist visits are $30/$75. Hospital is $500/day. I rarely utilize my insurance, and even without it I have access to a $25/visit telehealth option that I use when needed.

They also offer dental insurance for $30/month which basically covers nothing except 2 cleanings a year. I need to get a dental crown done, which will cost $700 OOP

I recently discovered the beauty of medical tourism in Colombia. I can go there and get all my medical needs taken care of for about 10% of US cost, and with high quality doctors and medical equipment.

Is it foolish to go down to the lowest plan of coverage that my job offers (just for emergencies?) and utilize medical tourism for all other needs? This plan would cost me $30/month with a 5,000 OOP max for the year in case of emergency hospitalization

I am in my early 30s and with no medical issues.