Advice needed for undergrad struggling to afford nyc 12 months rent

Hi I’m planning to live in a studio alone, due to severe mental health issues, and I have some questions.

1. 719 score, discover student, chase freedom unlimited, & nyc minimum wage salary.
2. Should I take one $20,000 loan to help pay rent for the next year, or $5k every 4 months? Worst case I’m working 20 hours per week at $15/hr.
3. Or should I keep maximizing my lines of credit? Balance transfer? Or something else?

Please understand I’m saving up, but I genuinely can’t rely on myself to consistently work more hours at this time. I’m good at paying consistently, but I’m buying what I need, which is time. FAFSA doesn’t give much, and I don’t have connections to take loans from. Dorms not open to part-timers.