2 hit and run accidents in one month. Both I didn’t get their license plates. How should I proceed with insurance?

So I really had bad luck this month in my new truck. I had one incident where someone side swiped me and completely took out my door on the passenger side and fender. My insurance just payed me out.

2nd incident which happened 2-3 days ago. I had a guy try driving me off the side of the road then proceed to pull up in front of me and brake check the hell out of me. I connected my bottom bumper to his. Mechanic told me my frame is bent. I’m disappointed at this situation since it all happened in one month and 15 days away from my insurance repair.

I don’t know how to proceed with this. My insurance literally gave me issues last about insurance fraud on my 1st claim simply because of the place it happened and because I didn’t get the other persons info. I’m somewhat distraught about even making a claim since I don’t want to have another investigation done on me. But my trucks frame is messed up. Should I proceed with insurance? How would this affec my rates?