Need for a checking account?

I have a checking account, Roth IRA, and Individual brokerage account with Schwab. The rest of my money is in an HYSA in Ally. Is there any reason for me to keep money in the Schwab checking account? I originally opened the account for withdrawal while abroad but now I just pay bills/get paychecks deposited to it and sometimes move money around between savings and checking. It’s kind of a hassle to make sure the checking has enough money and I’m wondering if I should move that money to Ally and pay bills/get paychecks to that one with the bonus that all of my cash is together and would make it easier for tracking savings goals (since ally has buckets).

Any reason to keep money in the checking account? I would keep it open to move money for traveling and I think it’s linked to the individual brokerage anyways so I’d have to close both.