Putting down temporary home address for TreasuryDirect?

I (22) tried opening a TreasuryDirect account online but was notified I need to do it in person and mail it in and that it will take 13 weeks to approve my account.

I suspect it was my address. The address I currently reside at I’ve lived for a few months and will be moving in a month. I don’t have another permanent address I can put down. I won’t wait until I move because once again, I could move again, as I find different places to live.

I need to put something down for “home address” and is it OK to put down my “current home address” though I know I will be moving from for the TreasuryDirect, (in other words, how “official” does the address need to be as it is stored in a government record)? By the time they approve my account I would have already moved.