How to change phone number on credit report?

I will try to make it brief.

I recently moved back to the USA, and I have a regular paid (linked to my SS#) T-Mobile line.

I got a car loan through the help of a family member’s score, and when I was the the dealership everything seemed smooth but I remember them putting in the wrong phone # to use, and I corrected them

Now about 2 months I have strange issues:

1. Some bank can’t verify my because they say the t-mobile line # doesn’t seem to be connected to me, but they can verify me with the wrong number the dealership used.
2. Both Experian and TransUnion do not show the T-Mobile line as “my line” AT ALL, but they show the wrong number the dealership used.

The stupid thing is that I see an old Skype number in the credit report, but no the new latest LEGIT t-mobile line I bought.

What’s the best way of removing that phone number or at least adding the new t-mobile #?

Do I contact the 3 credit bureaus or the loaners or…who?

Thanks 🙁