Bad credit house loan

So long story short my credit is bad like 560/580 during covid i was hit hard almost lost my house but was able to sell and get out after missing payments and wrecking my credit now im back to work and trying to get set back up so my question is is it possible to get a building loan for a home with a low credit score some info

I have a lot of land worth around 90k
I have 30k in my bank account
I make around 100k gross a year
No debt
Only monthly payments are food gass and other basics around 700$ a month
My GF will be building with me she makes about 130k-150k a year
She has a 650ish credit score her monthly debt is around 1k$

Loan amount were looking for is around 300k

Want to know if its even possible to get the loan my self or if we could get one together