Warranty Claim & Compensation

My parents dishwasher started leaking recently and fortunately, they had purchased an extended warranty.

On July 25, the warranty process was initiated and on August 1, a technician came by and wasn’t able to fix it (in fact, made the leak worse).

They followed up with the warranty company to ask for a resolution three times after that visit (day after, 3 days after, and 4 days after) to escalate and finally, another tech was sent scheduled.

On the day before the scheduled visit, the tech had to reschedule to 3 more days later. The tech arrived and determined that they needed to order parts.

My parents got an email 3-4 days later stating that a monetary compensation was to be expected in the next day or so.

Given how long the dishwasher has been offline for (a little over 3 weeks), and it being 2.5 years old (purchased for $650 + $80 extended warranty), what amount should they be expecting in compensation?