Advice needed: Looking to switch from Betterment

TLDR: should likely switch from Betterment/premium. What do you recommended that is easy to manage and cost effective.

hello all – two years ago, I decided it was time to stop letting our (my wife and I’s) money just sit in a savings account and wanted to invest, etc. I enrolled in Betterment premium at the time – I did this because I wanted to have unlimited access to financial advising and learn as much as I could. With them, we have done several backdoor roth IRAs, created after-tax investment accounts, savings goals, seen good tax loss harvesting.

However, after two years I feel I have outgrown them? or am at least smart enough now to do things on my own (especially with the help of this sub). Premium costs .4% (as opposed to the .25% just to use their platform).

Where I am looking for advice is should I switch – or at last downgrade to non-premium? Are their simple interfaces out there to invest that arent as pricey- I see people recommending Vanguard a lot…is that ‘set and forget’ or does it need to be frequently managed?

thanks in advance