State incorrectly took my tax return, returned the wrong amount

I’m active duty military and do not pay taxes for the state I’m living in. Never have, never will. I received a notice from the IRS after filing my taxes this year that the state had taken my entire return to pay for unpaid taxes. After a few weeks of hopping through phones/different offices, I finally found someone that told me to email my info to someone. Took a few weeks, heard nothing so I called back. Long story short, it took them 4 months to send me my check and it is $30 short. $30 isn’t going to hurt me in anyway, but I think I’m willing to go through this mess again just for the principle of it all.

So I guess my question here is, should I cash the check I have? Leave it alone? I’m expecting it will be several weeks before I get ANYONE on the phone and probably a bit longer before I find the right person. Do I have any other avenues to get this money back other than this circus?

Thanks 🙂