car was stolen. it ruined my life

Car was stolen a month ago. I bought it brand new & it had zero problems. Got a great rate for that car because I had good credit at the time but this time around I do not. Since the market is so bad right now, it’s looking like I won’t be able to purchase a vehicle and I will be back on public transportation. I asked two different people to co-sign for me and I’m still waiting to hear back. I have some money but I don’t want to throw every penny I have toward a 20-year old used car especially since I am almost 3 months behind my rent. I have a dead end job but I was a week away from quitting it to do gig work full time before it happened. At age 32, I have no fight or try within me after experiencing something so violating. This was the first time I felt like I had everything together and now I feel like everything is gone. I can’t even figure out what’s next. If I don’t get a co-signer then I could just get a car with high APR and put every extra penny I have into paying it off. I just cannot deal with this situation. So much of my plans got messed up all because someone thought it would be fun to wreck my car.

ETA: Yes my insurance is paying me out for the car but it still doesn’t change my situation with my credit. I’ll have $5000 to work with which isn’t even enough to get me a decent beater car. I’ve been looking…none of them are worth it.