Seeking advice for changing mindset towards debt and savings

I know we’re all so tired of the ‘how do I pay off CC debt?’ question. The answer is almost always cut spending and pay down the high interest cards first. Done.

I’ve realized that on my own, I suck at this, and could really use a mindset change – I’ve been in CC debt for a decade now, I’ve always lived in HCOL areas and lived above my means, I was young and didn’t want to miss out…Now, in my thirties, I’m living with those poor decisions by not being able to buy a house or build a savings since I’m hemorrhaging money each month trying to pay down my cards. No matter how much more money I make, the debt never seems to go away.

I’ve been *managing*, probably irresponsibly, by opening a lot of credit lines and using balance transfers and low interest loans to move my debt. Luckily, my credit score is still 760+

right now I have about $27k in CC debt, distributed between the accounts below. I make enough to pay them each month but it’s holding me back financially. Some months I’ll be good about cutting spending, then a trip comes up that I can’t miss or I simply lose sight of things, so I’m seeking advice on how to *really* act on this. If anyone has gone though something similar I would love to learn how you got out from a planning and mindset point of view.


Monthly pay after taxes = $6,300, this includes a minimal 2% going to my 401k

Rent = $1,800 including utilities

Student Loan = $760

Car payment + insurance = $380

Small interest loan 1 = $440

Small interest loan 2 = $ 490

Groceries = $400-500

so I have ~$1,900 a month to use towards debt or savings


that $1,900 always gets spread across these accounts

CC card 1 – $300

CC Card 2 – $800

CC Card 3 – $350

CC Card 4 – $1,900, balance transfer promotion so no interest until 10/22

CC Card 5 – $8,500, balance transfer promotion so no interest until 05/23

small interest loan 1 – $2,600

small interest loan 2 – $12,700


yes, I’m embarrassed after typing that last part out