Planning a 13k expense- loans or savings?

I am setting myself up for top surgery in early March. My doctor said this will cost anywhere from 9k-13k out of pocket. I currently have 9k in savings and make about a thousand a month, meaning I will have about 15k in the bank when I get the procedure. My expenses are very low, one of my jobs covers my housing, so I only pay for bus passes and food. (Like 100$ a month after a couple hundred in tuition each semester). I will lose this job next August when I graduate, so I want some savings left to live on. How much of this possible 13k should I take out in a personal loan? Would it be better to say it is for a medical procedure, even thought top surgery can be seen as a cosmetic thing? What interest rate should I try to negotiate? I have a 770+ credit score, so that should not be an issue.