[Need Advice] Finding a Refinance Loan on a Used Vehicle as a Student

TLDR; I am a college student looking for a refinance loan to buy out a lease from South East Toyota.


My lease for a 2020 Toyota Corolla is about end by the end of the year and due to the market right now being really expensive, I am trying to keep my car. My car is on a lease and I want to buy it out from the leasing company that I have it with, South East Toyota, for about $15,000. I am having trouble finding places that would give me a loan, much less for $15k because I am a college student, with a short credit history, and am only working part-time.

My parents are helping me pay off the monthly payment for the lease so I haven’t really had to worry about it cause they wanted to take it off my shoulders so that I could save some money. However, I am now trying to be more independent and that means paying for my own car and everything that comes with that responsibility. My mom is willing to be a cosigner so the credit history and yearly income requirements can be met, but we are still having trouble finding companies that would lend to us.

I have found multiple places that would allow me to get a personal loan, but the figures that many places have given me would make me pay more than $20k over 6 years, which is too high an interest imo.

Has anybody ever been in my situation who can share their experience of what they’ve done? Can anyone tell me where I can get an auto to refinance loan with fair rates?