In debt, bank account is overdrawn, I have no money/am waiting on unemployment… what would you do if you were in my situation?

Edit: to clarify, I’m actively job searching!!! Literally every day. Finding a job takes time, it’s been two months for me.

Hey y’all. I’m in a financial situation, to say the least, and need help. Partially because of irresponsible spending, mostly because of the pandemic and becoming unexpectedly unemployed, I burned through my entire savings and checking accounts. My checking account is more than $-500, at the moment, and both of my $3,500-limit credit cards are almost maxed out, not to mention they both have ridiculously high interest rates. (NEVER AGAIN will I not read the fine print when signing up for a rewards card!)

I have unemployment income that will start coming through next week. Each weekly payment is roughly $200, so I’ll be able to get my account out of the red hopefully in a couple of weeks through that. But I still have bills that cost me around $500/month, not including rent and utilities. Thankfully I live with my partner and he isn’t letting me pay rent/utilities until I find stable employment, but he can’t afford to pay my personal bills too, nor do I want him to pay them!

This all said: what would you do if you were me? Right now my inclination is to come clean to my bank about my financial situation and see if they will help me work something out, maybe a personal loan or something. Idk. If that’s a bad idea, though, I’m open to any advice you might have to offer! (Fwiw, I bank with Wells Fargo and have for over a decade. Until the last month, I’ve always kept my checking in the green.) Thanks in advance!