Big US company shared my private details as risk to other big tech companies

I have been using big cloud platform for running some test instances back in 2017. I was a software engineering student (not US). It was for test purposes. When I finished work, i shut down instances . But they had some up-time policy and woke up without me knowing. [for mods – I’m not gonna name the company ].

After some time i received an email saying that my account got -200$ balance and instances were frozen. It was quite a big money for me. I’m not US or Europe based. I decided not to pay. So this cloud tech company had my account with name, email and phone number.

Few months later i tried to buy some headphones on Ebay (not company i was owning money). A cheap ones. My account was running for some time. And i tried to make some bids. But As soon as I tried , my account got suspended. I checked an email. I even called them. They said “i was a risk for their customers” , its for safety of others for me to not use their platform. They denied to tell why or what i did wrong, they denied to tell actual reason.

I connect the two incidents. I think they placed my details to kind of Risk/Debt system (blacklist): 1) I used same account details (email and other); 2) I never had issues with Ebay prior and was using their service for few years, neither did any wrong on their platform; 3) they say I am a risk; 4) they hide actual reason; 5) the timeframe

I doubt action of the first company was legal. It was huge company, I guess they didnt want to mark their reputation too.

1. But can you please suggest, in US, may these two incidents be related ? Is it common ?
2. Is it legal ?
3. If so, how this may affect my reputation, credit, conveniences in the future, if at some point I will want to move to US , or work with US company ? Because i still using that email and phone number.