Father contributed to Roth for me in the past. I may not have been “employed” during some of those years.

I’m currently 36yo. Some time between approx 2000 and 2018 my dad contributed around 30k into a Roth for me (which I didn’t know about until a few years ago). There were a few years during that time where I was living off student loans and/or making money off the books (showing no income). I’m not sure what years he contributed but it’s definitely possible he contributed on years I wasn’t showing income. Most likely the late 2000s. I’ve contributed on my own the past few years and he recently gave me the info to transfer the account he had for me at Morgan Stanley into mine at fidelity. (Trading fees using a broker at Morgan Stanley are insane. I can’t believe people used to pay that.)

If there were contributions made on years where I showed no income, am I going to have a problem in the future?