How do I prepare for collections?

So I may have to deal with this in the near future, I have tried to find people to sublet/re-let my lease but I have found no one.
So I was wondering if this has ever happened to anyone on here and what did y’all do to deal with the situation? Is there a way I can dispute the collection before it ruins my credit score (unless it already ruins it)? It will definitely be sent to collections and ruin my credit score so I’d just like to prepare.

For more info, I work at my school making about 800 a month and I move from the city back home this month. I signed a lease for an apartment in the city im currently in back in February, and the lease starts this month. I have not found a tenant to re-let my lease to / cancel and I won’t be able to afford the rent, so that is why I think I’ll be headed into the collections route