Not at fault accident – should I ask for a check?

My 2008 car was recently (while parked). The person left their info and the insurance company took responsibility.
The front fender is pushed in and the bumper is scraped/painted up.
The insurance company photo estimate just came back with 1600 to fix it.
1600 is a lot of money.

I am not sure I want it fixed (the insurance company hasn’t offered me cash at this point but I didn’t ask either).

I was trying to get somebody to take a quick look at my car for more damage /!: make sure it’s safe to drive…but with it being a holiday weekend it didn’t happen.

Am I crazy to just ask them for a check?
I own the car if it matters.

I know with the damage the resale value is lower… but it has a decent amount of hail damage already too..