Looking for a new bank account

So i am currently using Discover, but they’ve locked me out of my account (Seems to be pretty common right now) and i refuse to sit on hold for 3 hours just to get hung up on. It’s frustrating and I’m ready for a change, as my account seems to get locked for random reasons every couple months.

With all that being said, being able to do fast mobile deposits on checks is very important to me, as my employer doesn’t offer direct deposit (Small local company). I was going to use chime, but they require direct deposit at least once to be able to deposit checks.

My typical response to someone in the same predicament would be to switch to a local CU or something, but I’m kinda burnt out on the lack of online options with good interfaces around here. Aside from PNC, my city doesn’t have any big name banks.

So, basically I’m looking for a good online bank that won’t lock my account, offers fast mobile check deposit without having to set up direct deposit, or at least close-to-immediate fund transfers from another bank (If depositing a check at my local credit union is my only option) Please let me know your recommendations, thanks 🙂