Credit card debt and balance transfer questions.

Hi thanks for reading, posting for a friend who doesn’t have Reddit.

This friend (32 y/o) has a bit of CC debt (they’ve stopped contributing to it) and is looking for guidance on the best direction to go.

They have one balance transfer credit card debt in the amount of $7,166 that ends July 2023. The minimum monthly payment is $144 which is what they’ve been paying. Their concern here is that that minimum amount isn’t going to get them to a zero balance by next July, but Discover said they’d then only owe interest on the amount left (12.74-23.74%).

They have a second credit card with 22.99% APR and a current balance of $6,680.

They have a final credit card with 23.24% APR and a current balance $1,190.

They can comfortably contribute $500-600/month towards their debt, but aren’t sure where to allocate that (to one card, split among all 3, etc.). They are considering getting another balance transfer card for the other two credit cards and then focus on the current balance transfer one since the $600 a month would get that paid off by July 2023. They also have a 401(k) in the amount of $12,000 that they are considering withdrawing to pay off the bulk of the debt (they are aware of the 10% hardship penalty).

If additional details are needed, please let me know. Thank you in advance for responding!