Buying a new vehicle. What should I be looking at?

In my market I’m looking at Tacomas as they meet my needs close to perfectly. Used Tacomas from the last five model years 2017 onward are selling for more than new Tacomas. Used Tacoma’s 2014 and onward are almost matching price.

This appears to be because inventory of new is so, so low right now. Over the weekend there were less than 20 Tacomas on dealer lots that were not pending sold.

I say all to say it seems to make the most sense if buying a Tacoma, to buy new. What should I be looking for in a car loan? My credit and income set most of the numbers, so are there things I can control other than interest rate that make a loan bad or good?

I’m thankfully in a position where I can afford the Tacoma payment, gas, and insurance. So I’m not concerned there. But I’d like to get the best deal possible and not sure what that is.

My financing experiences in the past are limited and on much older vehicles.