Should I buy the car I’m leasing and then sell it?

So my car lease is going to be ending in October. It’s a 2019 Subaru Forester Limited with 27k miles on it so far, with the lease mileage of 30k. The lot price was $33,499, and the buyout price after the lease is over is $20,128.

I was originally just going to turn it in and lease another car (hopefully same make and model), but two of my coworkers said to buy and then sell it. Looking at the used cars Kelly Blue Book, I think I would get around $10k if I buy it from the dealership and then sell it.

I never really did anything like this before – and honestly this was my first time leasing a car! – so I just wanted to get other people’s opinions. Would it be a good idea if do this and preferably sell the car before the year is up? I’m not looking to keep it, and I do plan on leasing another car since I don’t drive too much and I had a bad experience replacing bad parts on an older Jeep.