Most efficient way to pay off a credit card as a broke college student

Hi all! The title says it all.

My credit card is up to $3,700 and I know that’s chump change but for someone who makes around $22k a year (and a full time student) it is a lot.
I’ve been feeling incredibly anxious and upset with myself in the fact that I’ve let it get to this point (Christmas shopping, emergency funds, etc)

Every time I pay off a huge chunk, and I’m talking hundreds over the minimum I feel like I see no dent in it. Then life happens, and I’m in the hole again.
I should be saving this money, I just want to get to a point where I paid it off and I can build my savings again.

Any advice on how to do it effectively and efficiently?
I pay $400 a month for my part of rent.
$407 car payment.
And $375 for my hair every 8 weeks (that is the one thing I feel I splurge on) I don’t shop much.

I just want to get out of this hole.