Should I sell my vehicle for additional security with my new situation?

I currently have a 2020 Mustang GT (the lovely car pictured in my profile photo). I searched up its value out of curiosity, and KBB states I can possibly get $36,500 for the vehicle. I owe $21,000. So I can potentially get $15,000ish from the positive equity. I currently have three more years of payments at a 0% rate. Payment is $603 per month.

However, I know that the car market right now is absolutely a mess. All of the vehicles are at MSRP or more. I’m tempted to get something safe like a Hyundai or Toyota and either throw the money at that and have an almost paid off vehicle OR save the money and start a new loan with a lower payment.

Situation: Reason I’m considering this is my wife and I just bought a new house. We’ve put $12,000 in renovations into it (new paint, new wood laminate floors, baseboards), half of which ($6,000) was put on a credit card. This also has pretty much cleared out our savings (not smart on my part at all, I know, because I’m always used to having a savings cushion to fall on).

We did it a bit impulsively because we have a family friend who is a contractor and he pretty much gave us a killer deal on labor. We’re saving $6,000-$8,000 going through him compared to other places we’ve quoted for renovations. He’s just a really good guy and does great work. My family has used him before.

Also, I just got a new job with a $14,000 salary increase. So I’ll be making an additional $800ish per month. I can technically pay the credit card off in 6 months or so and just start saving like a mad man from there. After the card is paid off I’ll be saving about $800-$1000 per month straight into savings. My wife will be able to throw $400 per month into savings.

The renovations were an emotional impulsive decision. They did help a bit as the home is now $20,000-$30,000 in positive equity. But my account is drained (stupid, I know). I don’t want the vehicle to be an emotional decision either.

When I try and look at it objectively, I can pretty much have an almost new paid off vehicle due to my positive equity. Or a new vehicle with a lower payment with $15,000 thrown into my savings.

Sorry this was so much to write. What do you guys think? Thanks for your time!